Lausanne YLGen

YLGen was launched in conjunction with the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG) in August 2016, to faithfully steward the connections and fruit of the YLG for greater missional impact. It’s a ten-year commitment to walk alongside younger leaders and to connect them more intentionally to Lausanne issue networks, regions, resources, and mentors, as well as to one another through peer groups. YLGen is not just a commitment to younger leaders, but to building connections across generations.

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The Movement

Across the world today, men and women are faithfully stewarding God’s call as leaders and people of influence in organizations, churches, schools, and marketplaces. What would happen if these men and women were to gather together to form God-inspired, catalytic connections within and across regions, generations, shared interests, and ideas? This is the unique calling of the Lausanne Movement: to connect influencers and ideas for global mission.

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East Asia YLG 2019

East Asia YLG 2019 is the first ever gathering in the history of Lausanne Movement East Asia for the younger generation evangelical leaders from all over East Asia.

The theme of this gathering is “Essence of the Gospel,” and, by exploring together the essence of the Gospel, our goal is to connect, mobilize, and make a significant impact on the next generation leaders of East Asia so that they will live out and spread out the Gospel to the whole world. In accomplishing the goal, we believe that God is especially calling East Asia YLG 2019 to pursue 1) unity in diversity and 2) a heart of sharing Gospel at all cost for the lost.